What do we do?

Campaments i Més has two areas of work: The part of "Camps", which is responsible for the management of campsite, and the part that is included within the term "And More", this part adds value to all matters related to the world of youth camping.

Specifically, "Camps" is based on the central reservation of campsites, offering advisory services and management to the entities of all formalities for booking facilities. We currently have more than 100 wickets in Catalonia with or without facilities, with capacities ranging from 5-200 people.

Within the part "And More" we ensure the improvement of the quality of the camps and exits through educational activities, social and environmental. In order to facilitate access to the medium in a responsible manner, we propose an approach to the natural environment to ensure quality education. That is why we developed educational resources to build educational environments that enable groups to implement experiential environmental actions.

We work for camping in Catalonia

  • We offer resources usefull for the camping
  • We offer permissions to groups
  • We work with local and general goverment

We do environmental projects

  • We provide environmental education resources through environmental equipment, interactive environmental interpretation panels and educational resources (link)
  • Project "We do service in the camps!": Collaboration in the nature: we work with owners and administrations for improving the environment. Groups can do tasks in campsites or Natural Parks: recovering and marking paths, doing recovery tasks or cleaning and maintaining natural and protected areas.

We do custody
With the camping activity, we guarantee that the fields are kept clean and in many cases with a double use: livestock and campsites. This actions promote the economic diversification of rural areas.