Who are we?

Campaments i Més is the central reservation of campsites of Minyons Escoltes i Guies de Catalunya (MEG) and managed by Fundació Josep Sans (FJS). Campaments i Més administers the largest campsites network of Catalonia and puts available to all educational institutions in the child and youth leisure interested in camping. This network of campsites has many different facilities for each group to find the option that best suits your needs.
At the same time, provides resources, solutions and alternatives on all matters related to the world of children and youth camping. Campaments i Més works to facilitate the access of children to nature in a respectful manner.

Corporate Culture


Campaments i Més was created during 2002/2003 after the close of the “Associació de Terrenys d’Acampada de Catalunya” (ATAC). At this point it became clear the need for a work item that camping in Catalonia and MEG led the new project "Campaments i Més" to serve scouts and guides groups.
The name Campaments i Mes, was chosen because the intention was not only to provide a network of rental camping sites, if not to provide resources, solutions and alternatives to all issues related to the world of youth camping.
At its inception, the service had 51 campsites. During this first course 21 agreements was signed, so the campsites network was increased by 39%, reaching a total of 72 campsites. Since then, the number of facilities managed by Campaments i Mes has grown to currently reach over 100 campsites.
Since the academic year 2008/2009 the Fundació Josep Sans (FJS) has directed Campaments i Més. The FJS is a nonprofit entity from Catalonia, whose mission is to assist in the education of children and youth by supporting youth movements and institutions using the approach Catalan scout and guide. FJS works in three different areas: social, educational and service.