Campsite search

Through the website it can be filtered according to different established items (number of people, municipality, facilities, possibility of doing service, etc ...).

The campsite availability calendar is updated at every moment.

User account

At first, a user account must be created through the website that indicates the personal data and the entity that you belongs.

If the entity is not in the database, a new one can be introduced at the moment of creating the user.

Each user can modify their personal data. Changes in the entity's data must be notified to Campaments i Més.

Through the user account you can also check the history of reservations made.


What must be taken into account to make the request:

  • Exclusively network for scout groups.
  • All requests must be made 10 days in advance.
  • You can only make one request for the same group on the same dates.
  • Maximum and minimum people in the campsite: If you exceed the maximum we recommend you to visit the campsite to assess the field. You always have to pay for the minimum of the campsite.
  • Share: If you want to share the campsite with another group you should send an email to Campaments i Més. In the case of sharing the campsite, it will not be necessary for each group to assume the minimum of it.


Once all data are correct, the request is validated and we send you a Pre-booking email. This email contains the information to pay the deposit:

  • Amount to enter: Equivalent to 30% of the estimated total cost of the reservation. The deposit will not be refunded in whole or in part in case of cancellation or reduction of days or number of participants.
  • Deadline for entry: If you exceed the deadline for payment set in the email you need to contact to Campaments i Més as soon as possible to cancel the pre-booking or to extend the deadline.


If your booking confirmation is made more than 30 calendar days, Campaments i Més will send you these permissions:

  • Owner permission
  • Fire butane permission to cook (Easter week and summer). Bonfires are not allowed in Catalonia unless a special permit is obtained (Campaments i Més does not manage this process).
  • Communication to the village Council
  • Other special permissions

If the confirmation of the reservation is made less than 30 calendar days before the camp, it will be the responsibility of the group to process the communication to the village council and the special permits. The rest of the permits will continue to be done by Campaments i Més.

Permssions will be sent by email 15 days before the camp.

The group that organizes the activity will be responsible for doing the Evacuation Plan.


Keep in mind that the amount of the diposit will not be refunded, in whole or in part, in case of cancellation.
You have to inform to Campaments i Més all cancellations and booking changes by phone or email.

Last payment

The settlement is the remaining amount of the total cost of the stay and corresponds to 70% of the real number of people who have finally be at the campsite. Remember that the minimum capacity should always be paid.

This payment must be paid to the campsite owner through the payment method agreed upon.

In some campsites this amount should be paid to Campaments i Més . In this case, you have to notify the real number of people to Campaments i Més and we will send you all the information for the payment, which must be done in less than 15 days. 

You have to request for the invoicce to the owner of the campsite.


Once the camp is finished, an online form will be sent to give your opinion on the campsite, the reservation process and the Campaments i Més service.

For any incident before, during or after the camp, you must inform Campaments i Més as soon as possible.