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  • Brownsea sells and distributes all kinds of material for Scouting, mountain, nature and necessary things for the development of the activities on educational institutions in their leisure time.

Address: C/ Calàbria, 88  - 08015 Barcelona
Tel.: +34 93 424 25 66 / /
Monday to Friday, 16-21 hours / Saturdays, 10 to 14 hours


  • Required permissions
    • Activity Notification at Secretaria General de Joventut de la Genealitat de Catalunya, at least 20 days before the beginning of the camp or 7 by Internet, when the activity has a duration of two or more consecutive nights.
    • Fire Permission: This permission will be exclusive to light a fire with butane.
    • Communication to the City Council
    • Permission from the owner of the campsite: Campaments i Més always sends you this permission.
  • Necessary internal conditions: Insurance
    • Users: you have to have a copy of the liability policy of the entity, which should cover a minimum of € 1.200.000 in case of disaster. We also encourage all groups to have an accident policy.
    • Campsites: According to the regulation in force, all campsites in our network have a liability insurance.
  • Catalan Regulations: summary of the Catalan rules for camping at this link.