Les Esplanes

Nulles-Alt Camp



Campsite located next to Aula de Natura Les Esplanes. Groups can learn about the activities carried out as the garden, the pond, workshops and training spaces. The terrain is flat, shady, with integrated facilities in the natural environment and with good accessibility by public transport.

Minimum: 15 - Maximum: 80
6 000m²


waterWater: Well water in the campsite and potable in the farmhouse (50m)
wcWC: 2 compost toilet
showersShowers: Outdoor Solar Shower
bathroom_areaSwimming area: Public swimming pool in Nulles (not included in the price)
refugeShelter: In case of emergency in the farmhouse (50m)
trainTrain: Up to Nulles
busBus: Up to Nulles
carCar: Up to the campsite
environmental_servicesWe service: Maintenance and improvement of the campsite facilities
Price per person/night:
Additional prices: 
Price per day: 1,50€/day
Campsite Information: 
  • Flat field with shadow areas to set up the tents
  • Place to install the kitchen at the campsite
  • Fridge and freezer in the farmhouse (50m), not included in the price
  • Recycling containers at the campsite. The group has to empty the garbage bins at Nulles town.
  • It is possible to connect up to 200W
  • Small space covered to keep food
  • The campsite has a dome of bamboo and cane that can be used to protect from the sun and rain (under construction)
  • More information: www.lesesplanes.cat
  • If you want to do service, please visit the web section We service and fill the form