We Service

Natural and rural environment offers us many possibilities to do service with the Scout Group. While we do service in the nature or at our own campsite, we can actively learn about the ecosystems and the rural areas functioning. Moreover, if we do the service in collaboration with some organisation committed to the landscape, or with some rural landowner, we’ll ensure that our service responds to real needs.

Campaments i Més offers the possibility to work improving the environment during your camp.

If you are interested, please fill out this form with enough time (at least two months prior to camp).


Services in the natural environment

In collaboration with entities managing natural areas close to some of the campsites.

Services of trail maitenance and improving

In collaboration with entities or people managing trails close to some of the campsites.

Maintenance and improvement of campsite facilities

In collaboration with the campsites owners.





Download 'Guia per fer descoberta d'Aprenentatge servei al medi natural' (in catalan), resource to work educational aspects of the service.